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an old-school troubadour with contemporary savvy

Greg Klyma is a prolific songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and seasoned performer, bringing to every stage a catalog of material that assumes his audiences are both smart and able to laugh. His birth date puts him squarely in the middle of Generation X, but Greg is an old-school troubadour. His enduring themes, articulate and amusing stories, and populist ideals make him one of those rare young artists who is carrying the torch of Woody and Ramblin' Jack. He rolls in off the road, pulls out a guitar, and proceeds to take us back to the basics: family, love, gratitude, and laughter. It's the timeless art of the true troubadour, keeping alive the American folk tradition.

15 years into a career that has yielded seven albums, dozens of national tours, and the acclaim of folk's most prestigious reviewers, Greg's eager fans paid for his new album. Completing the online fundraising well ahead of schedule, Klyma delivers an emotionally charged blend of fan favorites from recent tours, and plenty of never-before-heard material on his eighth album, Another Man's Treasure.

Long known as a passionate and largely positive populist, Klyma's new album showcases an impressively matured songwriting talent. Travelling the perilous landscape of love, Another Man's Treasure admits sadness, anger, regret and profound tenderness. Going beyond the Woody Guthrie/Mark Twain sass of recent years, Klyma shows himself navigating intimacy as a thoroughly modern man. But this blue-collar boy knows when to swallow the heartbreak, and so the album rallies with an equal measure of punky sing-alongs and bootstrap lifters.

Solo tracks feature Klyma's adroit guitar and banjo picking, while the band numbers rollick with great energy and a chorus of harmonies, thus welcoming the listener to Klyma's universe: long drives alone full of solitary contemplation, landing somewhere in America to shake the rafters and remind everyone of the love and dedication that keeps us going.

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What Others are Saying

“Being on stage with Greg Klyma is like taking a gun to a knife fight.” Tom Bianchi

“He puts his heart, soul and right foot into every song.” Jonathan Byrd

“He makes me imagine an able-bodied Vic Chesnutt, with girl problems instead of alcohol problems.” Pat Wictor

“The stories blend seamlessly into songs, evoking a flavor of Mark Twain, Woody Guthrie, and David Sedaris.” –Sarah Craig, Caffè Lena

“Greg Klyma is a true professional... We treasure each and every visit to our venue.” –Joe Ables, The Saxon Pub

“He spins meandering tales on a long loved acoustic that bring us to that point where we realize the glass is half empty and half full at the same time.” Performing Songwriter Magazine, June 2004

“He's the real deal, singing about stuff that matters.” Sing Out! Magazine, Winter 2004

“A singer/songwriter with (an) Arlo Guthrie-esque voice (who) writes socially conscious ballads and acoustic-guitar ditties thick with hippie happiness that assume audiences are both smart and able to laugh.” Mountain Xpress, August 2003

“A man hellbent on becoming Buffalo's own Woody Guthrie.” –Jeff Miers, The Buffalo News

“Greg Klyma is a home-cooked meal and a vaudeville show in a fast food karaoke world. He is beyond definitions of style and arbiters of cool. He is precisely who he is, no additives or fillers.” CJ Watson

“I always find my self reaching for big pointless words nobody wants to hear like 'colloquial' when I try and describe Greg Klyma. Truth is, Greg was that neighbor kid you got to mow your lawn or run errands for you cause you knew he was friendly, down to earth and trustworthy. And even though this seasoned road dog lives basically out of his van most of the year, he never strikes you as having been beaten down by the long miles, late-night radio preachers and truck stop coffee. It's Greg's boy-next-door personality that makes his high plaintive voice seem less ‘High and Lonesome’ and more like ‘Hi, how ya doin?’” Butch Ross

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